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Hirschbauer Baits

Soluble Golden Nugget Hookbait 20mm

Soluble Golden Nugget Hookbait 20mm

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The perfect bait for winter and summer. We fish with Soluble as a hookbait all year round. The perfect combination: cut a boilie and pop up in half and make the perfect wafter.

A boilie based on carbohydrates and its selectivity makes it particularly suitable for fishing for big carp suitable.  Birdfood, Bisquit, Casein, Lactalbumin, Peptides, Roasted Hemp Meal, Maggots (proprietary fermentation process), Butyric Acid, Scopex and two high quality feeding stimulants (highest carp attraction) have made this bait what it is today.

It was developed by my uncle and dad 20 years ago and I have refined and developed it further.

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